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Chairperson Message.

Education is like a torch without which there would be darkness everywhere. Education is also like a powerful tool with which we can do wonders in shaping this world. Without education, this world will come to a grinding halt.

When this world was created millions of years ago, it was fit only for animals and then came man with proper thinking and application of mind and with education as a tool made this world fit and comfortable for human beings.

Education should reach every individual irrespective of caste, creed, sex and geographical location. The urban population is getting good education unlike their rural counterparts i.e. Rural children are deprived of better educational facilities and trail behind the competition with urban children. Hence to bridge this gap, Shree Renuka Development Foundation has focused on rural areas and started Schools in the under privileged rural children, especially, belonging to the farmer community and the poor sections of the society.

We strive hard to impart best educational facilities, along with scope to develop inherent creativity and skills and also provide all modern equipments like computers, e-libraries, in the backdrop of serene, conductive rural atmosphere supported by the best academic faculty. Due importance is also given for sports activities as: "A sound mind dwells in a healthy body". With best wishes to teachers and students.

Dr. Vidya Murkumbi,
Shree Renuka Development Foundation