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Shree Renuka Sugars Development Foundation's

Smt.Shantabai Deshpande Public School

CBSE Affiliation No : 830433

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House List

The School is divided into four Houses


Each House is under the charge of a House-Captain (Boy & Girl) who are responsible for the tone of discipline in that House. Various Curricular competitions and Co-Curricular activities are held.
House-Loyalties are very strong in Students. At the end of an academic year, the House gaining the highest number of point shall be declared as the "Best House of the Year". Elections will be conducted for students to choose different school leaders.

The School Student's Council constitutes of

1. School Captains.

2. House Captains.

3. House Vice-Captain.

School Uniform

As the Uniform evokes a sense of equality, loyalty, brotherhood and unity. All students are expected to wear it regularly in addition to black shoes and black socks as the prescribed school uniform.
Students are expected to wear proper Regular School Uniform and Sports Uniform as per the weekdays

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