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Shree Renuka Sugars Development Foundation's

Smt.Shantabai Deshpande Public School

CBSE Affiliation No : 830433

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Principal Message

Udaykumar. A. N


Education should not be confined to four walls class rooms and it shall be beyond this. It means, all round development of the child in all aspects like physically, intellectually, emotionally, morally and social development.
Character and values to be inculcated among the children’s day today learning and in their life too.
Lessons on the moral values to be taught to the children apart from the text books. Allow the child to face the global challenges of the world in all its competitions. The education should be in such a way that multivalent of the child should be explored and fostered.
Creativity, new and innovative ideas to be tapped from the students mind in different forms by crating the platforms to express those.
Knowledge and skills from all the areas to be taught effectively while imparting curriculum to the children in the class rooms.
Focus the child to learn effective communication in all the languages as it is need of the hour in today’s competitive world.
Make the child to be fit in all round development by becoming socially useful productive person.
Feeling of oneness, brotherhood, patriotism, respect to young and elders, equality among male and female, compassion, committement should be imbibed among children.
Instill the confidence among the children to lead their life in the society with love, respect, harmony among all the religions. Casts and creeds.
Finally prepare a child to contribute something to the nation by becoming good human being and citizen of the great country.


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